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Full Range Of Lighting & Its...

By: GarySykes | January 11, 2018

Achieve an ultra-modern lighting ambience inside and outside your cars and trucks by procuring highly innovative range of lighting supplies and accessories from With an enviable track record over its long presence in the industry, the company has fulfilled the lighting dreams of vehicle owners with its finest range of products.

Ultra Bright Lightz

181 East Industry Ct Suite E Deer Park, NY

category: Lighting - Equipment and Supplies

The best selection around!

By: sherry | October 17, 2017

We are in the process of building a new home. We were introduced to Anthony by our designer. He was extremely helpful to say the least. Working with us go give us many options to fit our budget. I will definitely use their services in the future and recommend them to anyone looking for the finer things in life!
Thanks Anthony!

Nice lights, terrible management

By: Ed | April 20, 2017

Great selection of lights. Had to order the one I wanted. I paid for the light when I ordered it in good faith. 12 hours later is a "save the tax coupon". I called to have them honor it. No go. Manager was rude and would not even discuss it further. Couldn't return the light, no refunds. When I went to pick up the light I spoke with the staff who were apologetic and repeated there was nothing they could do. I could see the manager who didn't have the decency to come over and see with me himself. Try to shop at smaller stores to keep them in business. This wouldn't have happened at a big box store. They would have refunded the tax.

Home Lighting

1400 Rymal Rd E Hamilton, ON

category: Lighting - Retailers

Over Priced Cheap Below Standard...

By: Tesarski | April 4, 2017

Cheap Bulbs for cheap bucks

I thought I was the only one who had issues with Jenco bulbs, there seem to be many who agree with this. Out of the 1st ten pack I bought for my pot lights, 3 went bad in about 2 months. I got 8 more in the following week from them including warranty replacement and some have already started flickering and 4 of them have gone bad. Two I have yet to open so out of the 16 used, 7 have gone bad. That's a 43% failure rate on a 3 year warranty bulb (JC-DE26-5TC6L) in a matter of months. Most have gone bad with reduced output and some flash at reduced output. Some don't go out but randomly and quickly change brightness - sort of a strobe type of effect. One was flashing and I actually hear it pop inside and it went dark with black burn marks. Unfortunately this is the sort of thing that happens when they try to bring down the cost of LED bulbs. Heat sinking (cooling) is one of the areas and cheap quality drivers and chips is another that...


Jenco Canada Inc

72 Devon Rd Unit 7 Brampton, ON

category: Lighting - Retailers

Horrible Product, Horrible Management...

By: non-member | February 17, 2017

They slap product together. Ship it out knowing it has issues (water penetrating into outdoor fixtures) and the management are inexperienced and have no clue how to run a company. The President is rude, condisending and spies on people all day on security cameras throughout all offices and warehouse. The most horrible experience I have ever had working for a company. Be for warned

Gva Lighting

3505 Laird Rd Mississauga, ON

category: Lighting - Equipment and Supplies

Lighting Review

By: ShannonGil | December 17, 2016

I honestly do not understand the negativity of reviews on this website! My husband and I are new to Windsor and just recently bought a house and of course we came to the Lighting Boutique (even though reviews were bad), which surprisingly was a wonderful experience! The whole process of buying lighting is much, much harder than we originally thought and we visited the store several times before making up our minds, and by doing that we dealt with pretty much all of the sales employees of the store, and might I say - all of them were so helpful and unique in their own little ways! I got several opinions and help on choosing what was right for my home, and they guided us to what matches, what suits the rooms and the house, and doing this all in my budget! Personally, I suggest going here. Its much easier going there where employees care about what you get rather than just to get your money. I can say that I'm happy with my choice in coming to the Lighting Boutique for all of my lighting needs. The quality of our choices are splendid!

Lighting Boutique Inc

4072 Walker Rd Windsor, ON

category: Lighting - Retailers

Efficient LED Lights

By: hannahmayer | July 29, 2016

The LED Troffer is very useful in interior designing solutions that require lighting units to blend into the background and be inconspicuous while providing enough light to fill the environment efficiently. Forest Lighting USA provides the best ones in the market in terms of style, cost and maintenance. If youu2019re looking for a lighting solution for your workspace, look no further.

Forest Lighting USA

2252 Northwest Parkway SE Suite D Marietta, GA

category: Lighting - Manufacturers

Bought fan. Love the fan!

By: peterbe | May 27, 2016

Me and my wife had just finished setting up our nursery for the baby. Thinking we had it perfect we were surprised when our little bundle of joy arrived and the room became stuffy hot and uncomfortable. As a new father it was my mission to solve this problem. We purchased a fan from the hardware store spent an hour installing only to find out it did not work... I then went to Chateau Lighting were they helped me select the perfect model(with a remote to boot) I installed it in record time. The little one and my wife are thrilled, spending so much time in that room it has made all the difference.

Thanks Chateau!

Chateau Lighting

4355 99 St NW Edmonton, AB

category: Lighting - Retailers

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